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About Our Foundation


The Redeeming Love Sanctuary Foundation financially supports non-profit organizations who work to prevent trafficking and help survivors of sex trafficking and abuse. Francine Rivers’ internationally bestselling novel and the movie, have brought new awareness worldwide to the atrocity of sex trafficking, and compassion for its survivors. There are more trafficking victims today than at any time in history. Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing crime in the world.

Together with our supporters, we desire to bring hope and healing to survivors. The work is difficult, and funding is a hurdle for the many organizations offering life-saving assistance. Francine Rivers is generously donating not just all her book profits, but all her profits from this movie to the Redeeming Love Sanctuary Foundation. Her donations, as well as yours and others, go directly to support survivor needs and anti-trafficking projects.


Francine Rivers | Photo © Elaina Burdo
Photo © Elaina Burdo

Francine Rivers

Author of Redeeming Love

When I became a Christian, I carried with me guilt and shame for things I had done in my past.  God forgives us long before we forgive ourselves.  While studying the Bible, I came to the book of Hosea and it broke through all my walls and let me experience how deep, wide, high and long-lasting God’s love is for me and every person who accepts Him as Savior and Lord.  I wanted to tell God’s story to readers who had followed my general market romance writing career.  I wanted every reader to know that no matter what sins we have committed, what shame and guilt we carry, God can redeem us.  He can cleanse us.  He can make us whole.  Nothing is wasted.  He can use all things for good purpose when we surrender to His love, and He can even empower us to bring healing and restoration to others.

Cindy Bond

Producer of “Redeeming Love”

From the moment I read Redeeming Love, I knew this beautiful story of unspeakable pain, hope and healing must be produced on the big screen for viewers worldwide. It was overwhelming to think that millions of children each year are devastated by the horrendous practice of sex trafficking. The story of Angel & Michael is powerful and timeless. I wanted viewers to experience their journey and know that whatever brokenness may touch our lives, the truth of God’s Word can lift us to wholeness.

Holly Caruso

Founder and President of RLSF

We formed the Redeeming Love Sanctuary Foundation to offer real help to real survivors. As the production of the movie progressed, it became clear that the Redeeming Love story would fuel new awareness and compassion for the plight of young people exploited by sex trafficking and abuse. Everyone is touched in a different way by this amazing story and we hope to be able to reach out to those who need some support. Even today, statistics show staggering increases in human trafficking all over the world. The survivors who escape or are rescued need help and support in virtually every area of their lives. Our passion is to join with our audience, our readers and all those who care to make a difference together. There is no greater privilege.